Spirits are at play against the backdrop of Aurora's 1800's architecture.  Crowds have gasped as camera and cellphone batteries drain before their eyes.


Come hear and witness first hand the unexplained and downright creepy side of the picturesque community situated just north of Toronto.   You will not be the same after visiting us.



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After a first hand encounter at the Filly & Firkin pub in 2011 Creepy Tours enlisted the help of TV's



 Their visit uncovers the spirit of Annie Dunning and is viewable in episode 83 from the 7th season of their popular show.



Join us and discover the spirits that roam Aurora's landscape.


Creepy Tours is evidence based.  We interview, we record, we study.


We believe.


  • a unique journey into the unexplained
    10 years in the making
  • experience a blend of historical guided tour,
    inspirational presentation and street theatre
  • you'll leave saying W.T.F!
    Woah, That's Freaky

The Aurora Pet Cemetery sits on a hill almost 900 feet above sea level.  Thousands of head-stones and arts & craft monuments are spread over the neglected site, some dating back to the early 1930s.


Instrumental in the site being protected under the Ontario Heritage Act back in 2013 , Creepy Tours is advocating for designation as a National Historic Site.  Learn more about the efforts to inventory the headstones here.


pet cemetery

A full moon has long been debated as causing people to act different or unusual but can an event change our mind or our beliefs in a happening?


It can when music is heard coming from closets and on radios that are not plugged in.  It’s even more alarming when these events are decades apart, and the same song.


At Creepy Tours we love full moons, especially if they are blue.


If you've heard any haunting tracks be sure to let us know so we can add them to our playlist


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our team

Aurora Town Park is at the intersection

of Mosley St. & Wells St.

Tours depart from the West Entrance.


David Heard has been public speaking since the age of seven.


A proud lifelong Auroran David's family roots trace back to the early 1800s with research uncovering an erie connection to the Ghost of the St. Lawrence Market.


Recipient of the Town of Aurora's 2014 Heritage Excellence Award David has conducted regular walking tours of Aurora over the past decade.


Currently at work on a book chronicling his journey David would be honored to share his passion for storytelling with you on his next tour.


Nanci M. Pattenden is a professional genealogist and author who is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, The Writers Community of York Region, and the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS).


After digging into her own genealogy, Nanci uncovered a story about a young ancestor sent to Canada from an English workhouse, who ended up on trial for murder.  This sparked her interest in writing the Detective Hodgins Victorian Mysteries.


Nanci has published two novellas in the series : Body in the Harbour and Death on Duchess Street.  You can find out more at Murder Does Pay, Ink.





Tightly woven into the very fabric of Creepy Tours is the spirit of giving.


Through the years your spirit has given hope to The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Crohns and Colitis Canada, The Aurora Food Pantry, The York Region Abuse Program, Aurora Rise and Shine Breakfast Program and Kerry's Place Autism Services.


All tour admissions help someone.  We are all someone.



spirit of giving

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